David Hogg is concerned Republicans may “make something up” to impeach Biden – twitchy.com

In a stunning (and hilarious) display of lack of self-awareness, activist David Hogg expressed his concerns that Republican control of the House would lead to the immediate impeachment of Joe Biden.

“It doesn’t matter what if there isn’t something they’ll make something up”. Gee, where have we seen this tactic before?

It’s no fun having to play by your own garbage rules, is it? We’re certainly not advocating impeaching Joe Biden just for the sake of impeachment, but when you play dirty don’t be surprised if the mud sticks to you too.

We’re old enough to remember when House Democrats impeached Donald Trump over a phone call and an imaginary “insurrection”.

You know what isn’t made up? The actual corruption of Joe Biden.

Oh, they’re consistent alright. Consistently hypocritical and consistently willing to accuse others of the tactics that they themselves employ.

If David Hogg had any self-awareness, he would know how utterly ridiculous he sounds. But hey, thanks for the laugh!


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