DAMN, son! Michael Knowles goes SCORCHED EARTH on The Daily Beast for deliberately misquoting him – twitchy.com

Michale Knowles was misquoted by The Daily Beast … and he’s pissed about it.

Who could blame him? This headline makes him look like he’s trying to ‘eradicate’ trans people and their community. When you actually watch Knowles’s speech, it’s very far from that.

Michael called for a retraction … damn, son.

And rightfully so.


Some yahoo posted the clip thinking he was owning Knowles when in reality, he was only proving him right.


And if it’s false, we should not indulge it …

the IDEOLOGY of it.

He’s right. He’s not calling for transgender communities to be eradicated – he’s saying this idea, this narrative, this movement should be out of public life. That’s it.

She should retract and apologize.

Totally rhetorical.

Because they know the lawn-flamingos who read them don’t care if they’re honest or not.



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