Committee on China is ‘another platform to elevate hateful, xenophobic rhetoric’ –

Remember when Democrats were encouraging everyone to come down to Chinatown and party at the outbreak of the COVID pandemic to show they weren’t xenophobic? Remember when President Joe Biden said President Donald Trump’s travel ban on China was “hysterical xenophobia”? Remember how racist it was when Trump referred to the coronavirus as the “Wuhan virus,” even though media outlets had been calling it that since the beginning?

We’re afraid it might hurt some feelings, but there was a bipartisan agreement Tuesday to create a House committee on competition with China:

So 146 Democrats voted in favor, but one of them was not Congresswoman Nikema Williams, who explained that the committee is just another platform for hate:

She mentioned in her tweet that Republicans voted to create the committee … she didn’t say anything about the Democrats who voted for it. How brave of her to stand up for the Chinese Communist Party.


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