Can’t. Stop. LAUGHING! Crist camp claims DeSantis supporters chanted ‘REFRIED BEANS’ then tries DELETING when mocked (got it) –

Ok you guys, this is hilarious. So, we went to try and find this footage of DeSantis supporters supposedly changing ‘REFRIED BEANS’ at Karla Hernández-Mats and all we could really find were news sources like Yahoo who originally covered the story but the story is now missing.

Almost as if our pals in the mainstream media RAN with the idea of DeSantis supporters being so racist they would chant refried beans at a candidate.

Can’t even make this crap up.

And we can’t stop laughing.

Pretty sure the people hearing ‘refried beans’ are the racists. Just sayin’.

Oh, and they deleted it.

Marc was good enough to grab a screenshot though, for posterity.


Again, we can’t seem to find the video so if anyone has it, please send it along.

True story.

Just including this so you guys can see the RATIO on it.

Nobody said refried beans.

*eye roll*

But you know, DeSantis supporters are racist, fascist NAZIS or something so of course they were chanting ‘REFRIED BEANS’.

Except none of that is true and they weren’t.

Wow, the Crist campaign is such a disaster.



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