BRUTAL thread takes woke school teachers APART for being giant hypocrites about … well, everything –

Once again, ladies and gents, we’ve come across another thread from Twitchy favorite, Dr. Strangetweet. This time, the good doctor has taken on the subject of woke public school teachers … which sadly, seems to be most public school teachers these days. We seriously need to work on supporting more conservative teachers in public schools but we suppose that’s another story entirely.

What he’s pointing out in this thread is how so many of these teachers talk out of both sides of their mouths.

In simpler terms, we call them hypocrites.

He does a far better job of explaining in his thread so we’ll leave it to him.

You penis-haver.

Wow, them’s fightin’ words.


But sadly, while there is some humor here, this is all too real in far too many classrooms. If you don’t agree with the narrative of 57 magical genders (or however many they’ve come up with now), then you’re not welcome.

Keep going.

So basically YES, CRT is being taught in classrooms.

Sorry, not sorry.

THIS is the biggest, reddest flag of them all. Telling students to keep secrets from their parents … creepy, inappropriate, and wrong.

Not to mention, no books have been banned outside of Democrats’ efforts in California to do away with Huck Finn and The Grapes of Wrath. Parents speaking up and out about books they do not believe should be in a public school library is not BANNING BOOKS.

That’s a doozy.

In far too many cases, the people we needed the most during the lockdowns were the least likely to show up.

Thank a teacher’s union.



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