Biden admin reveals their simple three-step plan to lower gas prices, and it’s just as brilliant as we’ve come to expect –

During his insane gaslighty and lie-filled remarks yesterday, President Joe Biden came after the oil companies quite harshly, accusing them of causing high gas prices (not alone, of course, as Vladimir Putin also has a hand in that) and putting the onus on them to somehow increase oil production despite the many restrictions imposed upon them by … the Biden administration.

In addition to that, Biden also took credit for gas prices not being as high as they could be right now.

And he also claimed that his administration hasn’t done anything to hamper oil production.

So, basically, here’s where Biden is at right now: “My administration is not responsible for any of the bad stuff that’s happened … but we’re gonna be the bigger people and rescue the American people from the oil crisis. And just to prove it to you, we put together a plan and everything!”

Here’s that plan, in case you’re interested:

Wow! Only takes three easy steps! Just deplete the Strategic Petroleum Reserve and then fill it back up and taxpayers will profit. And then taxpayers will profit even more when the oil companies lower gas prices.

Who knew it was so simple?

It’s easier to understand if you do’t actually think about it.

There’s something awfully familiar about that graphic … we feel like we’ve seen it somewhere before. Anyone else feel like that?

Ah! Of course! We knew we recognized it from somewhere!

Hey, don’t insult elementary kids like that.



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