AWKWARD! Watch Gov. Gavin Newsom plead ignorance when cornered by an ethical dilemma –

It appears that a situation of questionable ethics has been developing in California. At issue is the controversy over Gov. Gavin Newsom’s Attorney General whose assemblymember wife is also in charge of his department’s budget.

A local news story has called the situation “questionable” (to say the least):

Gov. Newsom was asked about it, and the possible future Democrat presidential candidate took a very familiar approach by pleading ignorance:

Isn’t it amazing how those who would like to be viewed as the most “on top of everything” among us can suddenly be rendered clueless? Watch:

There’s something that sticks out like a sore thumb based on that clip (and not just Newsom’s telling body language):

Weird, right?

Sort of a missed opportunity there for Newsom.

We’ll go ahead and add this disclaimer even though Newsom would give no such quarter to any claims about DeSantis:

Newsom clearly did NOT want to weigh in.



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