“at least Rush Limbaugh is still dead” – twitchy.com

This disgusting tweet from Oliver Willis didn’t make it onto our radar last week, but it’s got our attention now:

It’s difficult to imagine being the kind of person that would think something like that, let alone put it out there for everyone to see. Everyone has bad days but it takes a special kind of nasty to count the death of someone you disagreed with politically as something that cheers you up.

It’s also a bit shocking to see how many people liked and responded positively to this tweet:

A blessing that someone died? Being grateful that someone died? It’s nice just thinking about how someone died? Who thinks like this??? Yet somehow the narrative that Conservatives are the hateful ones still lives on:

Maybe this is why Oliver was having such a bad day:

If he’s still feeling the need for attention over whatever he thinks is so bad that he needs to celebrate someone’s death from cancer, these Tweeps have him covered:

Always, always believe them when they tell you who they are.



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