AP reporter notes that ‘there is finally some disinflation happening’ if you spin it correctly – twitchy.com

President Joe Biden posted a victory tweet earlier today after it was reported that inflation was a lower-than-expected 7.7 percent. Biden seems to think that the Inflation Reduction Act is doing the trick:

We’re still looking at the highest inflation in the last 40 years, but look how far we’ve come from early 2021, when your Fourth of July barbecue cost $0.16 less than 2020, when President Trump was still running things.

Prices excluding food, energy, and shelter. Chris Rugaber even says later in his thread that shelter makes up about a third of the index:

That’s like a chart that Ron Klain would tweet out, but zoomed in on the last two months only.

That’s what we’re expected to believe. Biden’s plan is working and we’re beginning to see the results. Birdwatch needs to add some content to Biden’s tweet, and this one as well.


Editor’s Note: Republican voters deserve answers and accountability for the failed red wave.


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