Angry lefties descend on Alexi Lalas over his support for POTUS DeSantis (too bad he doesn’t care) –

As a general rule, celebrities’ political opinions aren’t really worth more than anyone else’s. That said, it’s absolutely fascinating to watch what happens to a celebrity when they say something that could be construed as even mildly pro-conservative or pro-Republican, or insufficiently anti-conservative or anti-Republican.

So we can’t help but be fascinated by what’s happening to retired USMNT player and current FOX Sports soccer analyst Alexi Lalas right now. Lalas saw this guy’s tweet about Trumpy nicknames for Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis:

And respond as such:

It’s just one word. And a pretty innocuous one at that.

But man, it’s catching him a whole lotta nastiness. Here’s just a small sample:

We certainly know that none of these people know what words mean but choose to continue using those words anyway.

Geez, dude. Go back to bed or something.

Fortunately, Lalas seems to be taking the haters in stride:


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