And in this corner, here’s a liberal pansexual trans woman railing against ‘forced puberty’ for kids –

Yesterday, we told you about Minnesota Lt. Gov. Peggy Flanagan and her deranged defense of “gender-affirming care” for kids.

Peggy Flanagan clearly doesn’t know the first thing about being a good parent.

Elon Musk isn’t exactly the World’s Greatest Dad, either, but he’s absolutely right about the damage that can be done to kids’ brains and bodies by the “gender affirmation” process:

Let the record show, though, that self-described “Polymath, Atheist, Marine Corps Veteran, Rifle Expert, Liberal, Libertarian, Introvert, Philosopher, Pansexual, Trans Woman, Otaku, Digital Artist, Single” tweeter @AthenaNKnight couldn’t disagree more with Musk:

Sorry … forced what, now?

Forced. Puberty.

As an alleged polymath, Athena should definitely be smart enough to know that puberty is not something you can just opt out of. That’s not how biology works. That’s not how science works.

But something tells us that Athena isn’t the type of person to be motivated or convinced by facts.

Not only is Athena’s perspective anti-scientific, but it’s outright poisonous.

The rhetoric from radical trans activists is genuinely terrifying.

We’re grateful for people like trans woman and anti-grooming activist Sara Higdon who are willing to speak out against the militant movement to normalize the psychological, chemical, and physical mutilation of children. And we can only hope that Higdon’s voice will ultimately win out against voices like Athena’s.


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