AI-generated version of Seinfeld slapped with two-week Twitch ban over ‘transphobic’ standup routine –

“Seinfeld” ended almost 25 years ago. And if you think that’s difficult to wrap your brain around, just wait until you hear about this.

Apparently there’s an AI version of “Seinfeld” called “Nothing Forever” that’s gotten quite popular on Twitch, and it was just humming along until last night, when it disappeared abruptly following a “transphobic” standup comedy routine. We wish were were making this up.

More from Motherboard:

“Hey everybody. Here’s the latest: we received a 14-day suspension due to what Larry Feinberg said tonight during a club bit,” Xander, one of the creators of Nothing Forever, said on Discord. “We’ve appealed the ban, and we’ll let you know as we know more on what Twitch decides. Regardless of the outcome of the appeal, we’ll be back and will spend the time working to ensure to the best of our abilities that nothing like that happens again.”

The incident is emblematic of one faced by most AI: When AI is trained on hateful or biased material, the outputs can often be hateful or biased. This has given rise to the field of AI safety, which develops tools to mitigate the biases baked into models. This is why ChatGPT typically won’t make blatantly racist, sexist, or transphobic remarks when asked simply. Many AI tools are moderated by underpaid workers in the developing world.

The staff has made most of its Discord read only. On a thread where users are still allowed to post, many users are using Midjourney AI to generate images of Jerry Seinfeld holding the trans pride flag.

This all seems very healthy and not at all insane.

But just out of morbid curiosity, what was in this “transphobic” routine that made it so transphobic?

Oh, OK. That clip totally explains it*.

*That clip explains nothing except that it’s an incredibly dumb time to be alive.

No, you’re not crazy, Noam. That’s how we took it, and that’s how any sane person whose brain hasn’t been completely devoured by worms should take it as well.

Well, to be fair, the Woke Left can’t really take a joke. To be fair, they have no sense of humor.

Yeah we are.

You know what? Let’s just cancel everything. You can never be too safe … or too stupid.


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