Adam Kinzinger accusing Trump AND DeSantis of ‘selling out conservatism’ over Ukraine goes SO wrong –

As Twitchy readers know, Tucker Carlson did a fairly exceptional thing and asked every potential GOP presidential nominee to answer questions about the war in Ukraine. All but one of them who replied thought America’s focus should be on America so you know Little Adam Kinzinger got his britches all bunched up over it.

Maybe he should just relocate to Ukraine since he cares so much about that country. Clearly, he cares more about them than his own country.

We suppose we should thank him for reminding us all that lawn flamingos LIKE him will attack any and all Republicans who run for president so everyone should stop the friendly fire and focus on beating the Democrats.

Neither Trump nor DeSantis thinks Ukraine should be our priority and Little Adam can’t handle it.

Yup, nobody sells out conservatism as well as Adam.

Hey, it got him a job at CNN.


HA ha.



That really says it all, doesn’t it?

He’s Ukraine’s biggest cheerleader.

Certainly the weepiest.

Because he says so … WAAAAANH.

We sense a fun Twitter hashtag game … #AdamKinzingerPoliticalPartyNames

Are we allowed to start one of those or are we cheating?

And fin.



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